Indoor Cabin

Cabin PreFab (Indoor)

2x6 tongue & groove for walls and ceiling

Lead Times: 3-4 weeks.

No overhang (Standard)
With roof overhang (Optional)

You can select "optional Overhang" when customizing your sauna size below.

Cabin PreFab (Indoor)

Now you can experience the pleasure of a sauna just when you want it with our indoor saunas designed for the cottage or home.
Constructed from clear, Western red cedar. The solid log construction means a beautiful, clear cedar appearance inside and out. 

The Cabin sauna is built of solid 2x6 tongue & groove for walls and ceiling. And a unique dovetailing notching system to secure the corners. 

Made in Canada

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Red Cedar Indoor Cabin Sauna Assembly & Video (IC)

Cabin Pre-Fab Saunas

Indoor Cabin Pre-Fab Diagrams and Measurements

Freight Estimate- Indoor Cabin


Pre-Fab Heater Selection

Indoor Cabin Assembly Instruction Manual:

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western red cedar indoor cabin sauna


See below Assembly Video:

Cabin Pre-Fab Saunas (2x6 log style)

  • Cabin Pre-Fab saunas are manufactured in Canada.
  • Constructed of solid  2x6 tongue and groove Clear Western Red Cedar "logs" with notch corners and threaded rod system for secure assembly.
  • Benches are pre-assembled.
  • Standard heater is the Saaku Sauna CP model with control built into the front base of the heater.
  • Sauna Door with full-length single pane tempered window (15" x 60").
  • Cedar floor in walking area only (not under benches).
  • It is important to remember that a prefab sauna is being built in another room.  You have to plan and allow for clearances required.
  • Outside height is 82-1/8". Due to the assembly process, you need a minimum of 85" for assembly. (we suggest 90" to be safe).
    Some height adjustment is possible when ordering.
    Sometimes people will assemble sauna and slide it into an area of lower height. If you have a height limitation, speak to us and we can review options.
  • Pre-fab saunas are outside dimensions. Add 2" for ceiling overhang. (5' x 6' = 64" x 76"). (Keep in mind when locating the sauna in a corner)
    (Note: We also offer a version without the overhang. Contact us to discuss this option).

Wiring tips for Cabin saunas

  • There is no wall cavity so all wiring is on the surface. Cabin saunas include a heater with built-in control. 240v wire comes directly to the heater through the wall (hole not pre-drilled). If you select one of the Optional Tylo heaters with separate control, we provide a channeled trim to mount control and conceal wire.
  • If light included: We recommend the new wireless light bulbs that come with their own low profile wireless light switch. You can mount the light on the ceiling or hidden wall, so the wire is not visible. You then "stick" the light switch on the front exterior wall of the sauna.
    You can also install a standard light switch in an adjoining wall next to the sauna, conceal wire in the wall and come down into the sauna from a blind side.
  • Use a pancake electrical box for the light.  It can be mounted inside the sauna and sauna fixture will cover it.

Wireless Light

home sauna wireless light

Light switch and conduit

home sauna wired light

Inside trim for Tylo with Separate control

tylo sauna insidetylo sauna with control

cabin prefab sauna delivery

Cabin Sauna Freight Estimate


Factory pick is available.  Sauna comes packaged in crate. size varies by sauna selection (approx. 45" x 7' to 8'+ length x 36" height).   
Installation and delivery will be provided as part of the quote and differs by geography.


Freight will be confirmed before the the order is finalized. The U.S. freight table below is an estimate based your part of the country.
Cabin Pre-Fab Saunas packed as loose material in a crate. Shipped via transport truck. Delivery is curbside (at the end of your driveway).
Lift gate delivery is included where available (for crate sizes up to 92"). If crate is too large for liftgate, you must open crate on truck and off load individual pieces.

US FREIGHT ZONES - Cabin Indoor Saunas

Sauna Size

Up to 5x5




Zone 1





Zone 2





Zone 3





Zone 4





Zone 5





Zone 6





Zone 7





Zone 8





Zone 9





Zone 10






cabin prefab sauna delivery in usa

LK Premium Kits Include:


Wall/Ceiling lining material is our thickest 11/16" T&G cedar.

home sauna lining

2X4 Clear Cedar bench tops
Benches are supported by wall cleats and 2x4 floor legs.

sauna clear cedar benches

Standard: Frameless door Rough Opening: 27-1/2" x 76-1/2"
Optional: Cedar framed door style Rough Opening  26" x 76-1/2"

sauna glass door    sauna framed door

Includes our most popular Sauna Craft CW-XR Model Heater (sized according to room size).
100% stainless steel, deep rock basket, limited lifetime warranty.
Optional upgrade to Tylo brand sauna heaters.

sauna craft sauna heater with rocks
Control: Includes Sauna Craft EL-13 Electronic control, with digital display. sauna craft sauna heater electic control
Backrest: Designer Backrest on back wall behind top benches. (Optional designer "flower" insert) cedar sauna backrest
Skirt: Bench Skirt (blinders) in top riser between top and bottom benches. cedar sauna bench skirt
Accessories: Sauna bucket, dipper, thermometer and picket style light shade sauna accessories

All Kits Include:

Vapour Barrier:

Foil vapour barrier. Adds insulation value because of heat reflective qualities.


LK Premium comes with 1 x 4 (11/16") tongue & groove (T&G), "CLEAR" grade Western red cedar for walls and ceiling.


Vapour proof marine light fixture.

Heater Guard:

2 x 2 vertical posts with 1 x 3 rails.


Cedar Corner molding for walls and ceiling.


TWO 1x3 cedar casing for door.


One cedar slide cent for outlet.
(LK premium also includes extra cedar fixed vent grill for inlet.)


Galvanized finishing nails for T&G lining.
Treated deck screws for benches.

Notes & Specifications:

  • Standard sauna height is 83½".
  • Kits up to 8' x 8' are lined horizontally (unless otherwise noted).
  • Unless otherwise specified, the door is located somewhere on the long wall and cedar on the ceiling runs the shortest span.
  • Standard two tier benches on long, back wall opposite door. Bench depths: Top = 20"; Bottom = 16" (for saunas under 5' deep, bottom bench is 8").

Note Re material length:
Cedar lining materials come to you 1/4" below the foot.
For example: a 5' x 7' kit includes boards that are 593/4" and 833/4". You can "stretch" your framing 1", so 61" x 85" is OK. But any longer means you will be short. You either need to go to next size of sauna or strap the walls to reduce slightly.

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Selecting your Pre-Fab Sauna Heater (Wiring Considerations)

In general, heaters with built-in controls are simpler to install in pre-fab saunas. This is because the supply wire goes directly to the heater. You do not have to route the wire to a separate control. 
As a result the Saaku Sauna CP and Tylo Sense Sport are the obvious choices.

prefab sauna heater by tyloprefab sauna heater by tyloprefab sauna heater by tylo

Having said that, you are not limited to a built-in control models.
Some prefer separate controls for the convenience or for the features that are only available with certain models
The Tylo Plus and Tylo Combi are avaialble with the Pure or Elite (wi-fi) control
The "steaming" Tylo Combi only comes with a separate control
When opting for an separate control model with a pre-fab sauna, the control is usually installed inside the sauna. We include extra trim to conceal the wire.
NOTE: When installing a Tylo control inside sauna, the control must be at least 12" away from the heater and no more than 36" above the floor.

prefab sauna heater by tyloprefab sauna heater by tyloprefab sauna heater by tyloprefab sauna heater by tylo

All of our outdoor pre-fab saunas are also available with wood burning saunas heater.
The outside feed wood stove is manufactured specially for our saunas.
You may aslo select the inside feed Harvia M3 with glass door to view the fire

tylo sauna heatertylo sauna heater in barrel sauna

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