December 07, 2003

Installed the unit right after Xmas. Just in time for our vacation to Cancun, more importantly, our return! Unit works great. I am so glad

I ordered the larger unit (SM7) as the heat up time is fast (125sq.ft - tile). Probably takes 5 minutes from the start of steam to hot room and another 5 minutes until tile and room are hot enough that one can shut it off for a couple of minutes.

The electronic control 'inside 'is the key to the whole thing! Some of the competitor models have manual timers outside and after the first use one can see the drawback of that. If you ever want someone's email address to send a prospective customer, feel free.

I sent an email to Steamist asking about cleaning (maintenance schedule and how to clean).  If you have suggestions, please reply.  Otherwise, thanks again.  My wife and I are happy customers!

Kerry V

Kerry V
December 03, 2003

Dear Maia,

I'm happy to report that the sauna arrived safely last Wednesday, and this past weekend we managed to get the wiring done and the sauna itself assembled, up, and running over the week-end.

There was one minor omission in the shipment: there was no ladle with the bucket and other accessories. We’d appreciate your sending us one, as we have not found it easy to locate a wooden ladle; it was an uncharacteristic lapse from an otherwise flawless package.

The product is superbly designed; my only suggestion is some better instructions about installing the heater itself in the unit. And I must say the instructions included with the Tylo SS-7 were unnecessarily difficult because they insist on writing one book to cover all their many units, and the flow of instructions was a bit like following a maze.

Still, we look forward to many lovely sessions in the sauna and will happily recommend your company to friends.

Best wishes for the holiday season,

Michael S

Charlottesville, VA 
Dec 2003

Michael S
November 27, 2003

Hi there.

Just thought I'd drop a note of thanks. I ordered a material kit for a 5' x 6' corner entry, which arrived 2/7. I did the construction over the past two weekends and it was fully operational as of Sunday.

Everything is working great and it is awesome and relaxing!

Thanks again.

Daniel H 
Fox River 
Grove, Illinois

Daniel H
October 16, 2003

Dear Maia, 

Thank you again for all your help, bellow is my follow up on your request.

When I decided to build a Sauna I was looking for two criteria's, excellent quality of the material and reasonable prices.

Without any doubt now looking back, Saunafin met these criteria.

To my surprise beside these two qualities I was bargaining for, I also got outstanding service in no small part to the great assistance I received from Maia Zelyuk. From my first encounter with her to the last I felt her great enthusiasm, knowledge and love for the job she is doing. I wish that more people like her are around us, it would make our lives much easier.

Without doubt I strongly recommend Saunafin to everybody who wants a good sauna and exceptional service for an excellent price.

With great respect for the people at Saunafin,

Alex Feldman.

Oct 2003

Alex Feldman
July 10, 2003

Hello Maia.

We are done. The sauna is complete and in use. All I need is for my robes and towels to arrive. Attached is a collage of pictures of the completed product. I actually recorded the whole process and have 22 pictures.... but I will spare you from having to view them all! The one attached is the one I have posted on our website.

Thank you for providing a great product at a great price. Your service was great as well, and you were very patient with us. Thanks again. If you ever have anyone in our area who would like to view your product before purchase,
send them to us. You would be proud to see what we have created in out backyard with your sauna kit.

Sarah Dolk
Rol & Sarah D
Adobe Nido Bed & Breakfast
Our website: http://www.adobenido.com

Rol & Sarah D
June 13, 2003

I just thought I ought to send a note thanking everyone at Saunafin for your wonderful product. My wife and I are enthusiastically happy customers. We finished the installation of our sauna about a month ago, and it's just spectacular. My wife was not wholly enthusiastic about this project, having
sauned only once or twice in her naïve past. But now she is a fanatic! If Sherrye doesn't have her DAILY sauna, she gets really cranky.

The lumber materials (after replacement of some trim boards that were damaged in shipment) are excellent, better than expected; the heater (CW-STL) is an exceptional piece of work, works perfectly; your Web site is a no-frills, information-packed, easily navigable source of pertinent information. Count us as thoroughly satisfied customers.

My contractor, who installed the sauna as part of a much larger building project that included a sizable deck adjacent to a large screened-in porch (the sauna is adjacent to the porch on the opposite side from the deck, an outdoor installation affixed to the exterior of the house and accessible by a walkway of about 20 feet that leads to the sauna from the porch, had never before installed a sauna. He had only a little trouble following the enclosed instructions.. If you're interested in what my contractor would recommend as additional information for those ignorant of the proper procedures of building a sauna, I'll share that with you. It really is a thing of subtle beauty. We should send you a picture.

One question and one problematic comment, however: (1) Why does the little red light on the TPT3 control panel stay on all the time, whether or not the sauna is on? Is that just to provide confirmation that the unit is properly connected? Or does that result from some sort of error in the wiring? (2)
Initially, the timer would get "stuck" at about the midpoint of its cycle, that is, would stop ticking and, in fact, cut off current to the heater. After a couple of weeks, however, that problem seemed to have disappeared. The timer-heater has not stopped during a set term of operation for a couple of weeks.

All in all, we are very happy with our purchase and have already bragged on Saunafin to our friends.

Thanks for your help during my initial inquiries, through the matter of the damaged shipment, and for further information you may provide.

Bard Y

White Bluff, TN

Bard Y
March 30, 2001

March 30, 2001
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Mark B. We bought your sauna at the end of last year and using it about three month. My wife and I would like to thank you for such good product. We really enjoy it. We take a sauna two - three times a week and every time we feel like we were born again.

Any way thank you for good product and I'm trying to promote it among my friends.

Mark B.
Arlington Heights, IL USA

Mark B
January 18, 2000

January 2000

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the 4 x 5 Sauna Kit, which I purchased from you. The parts list was perfectly correct, the parts were all in excellent condition and were more than adequate to meet the needs for my sized sauna.

The quality of both the lumber and other materials was excellent. The instructions were good and I was easily able to complete the full installation in four normal working days. I only had several minor questions and you were readily available on your toll-free number to answer those.

I have already received numerous compliments on its terrific appearance and performance, and as you guess we are giving it extensive use.

Thank you again, and you are most welcome to use my testimonial for whatever purpose you deem fit.


Tony G., 
Ottawa, ON

Tony G

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