August 30, 2021

As promised, here is my review and a few photos. I don’t mind having my name attached to the review, but I do not want my phone number or address made available. Thanks.


Cheers, Scott Wilson


Overall rating: five stars (top rating)


Review: I love our new SaunaFin outdoor cabin sauna (the 6‘ x 8‘ prefab type, with a Tylo electric heater). Every aspect of the purchase met or exceeded my expectations. The cabin was delivered in mid August, exactly as scheduled. It was a delight to assemble, aided by the excellent assembly instruction manual and video. The knowledgable Saunafin staff were always available to answer the few questions I did have. The high quality western red cedar and the many design details resulted in a beautiful addition to our lakefront cottage property. The attached photos were taken a week after delivery, when it was fully operational following the installation of the heater by the electrician. We look forward to many years of enjoying the Sauna experience!


outdoor cabin sauna     outdoor cabin sauna

November 02, 2020

My sauna renovation is now complete and it looks great. I bought a complete kit from Saunafin and it arrived in good shape on a sturdy pallet. The kit included all the cedar (which is beautiful top quality and clear), the controls, a new heater and I even splurged on a nice water bucket and wall thermometer. The glass window door really sets it off nicely. The kit was customized to accommodate the dimensions of our existing sauna and Saunafin provided exactly the right amount of wood... By carefully cutting and avoiding waste, I ended up with more than enough to complete the project. (Of course everything had to be final cut to fit but I ended up a nice stack of sweet smelling kindling! :-)) I highly recommend Saunafin. Their staff were very knowledgeable and helpful.

indoor home sauna indoor home sauna indoor home sauna

Frank Vitz (Google review)
February 24, 2020

Hi Milena,


Thanks for everything.  The sauna is finished and looks great.  Your kit was perfect; everything was complete and I was especially impressed with the quality of the material.  The pallet arrived in excellent condition and the packing list was a great help in defining and locating all the different pieces.   As we discussed on the phone I did lots of research before my purchase and used your web site extensively.  If you ever need someone to give a recommendation let me know.





Larry Gullickson
February 21, 2020

I would like to provide feedback on the kit I purchased. I enjoyed the project of building the sauna. I bought a premium package and Tylo heater. All questions I had were answered promptly. The wood was excellent quality and easy to work with. The sauna works excellent and I am very glad I got the Tylo heater. Your ladies in the office are very knowledgable and great to work with Thanks Gord

Gord Keeling
January 11, 2020

Hi all - thanks for all your support through the sauna purchase process. I had a lot of fun building it. Beautiful cedar and the Tylo Combi is amazing. The how to manual was great guide for construction. Please have a look at the pics. We're loving the ambience of the backlit salt brick wall. 

Best regards,

Jon Voss

Red Cedar Indoor Sauna With Tylo Combi Sauna Heater   Red Cedar Indoor Sauna With Tylo Combi Sauna Heater

Jon Voss
December 16, 2019

Dear Milena, Maia, Diane and Mike,

 I want to express my sincere appreciation to Saunafin, for the incredible customer care and support that you provided in making our Sauna Dream come true.

The Pod Sauna is awesome and it was with your expertise and commitment to customer care that everything worked out so well.

Thank you so very much for addressing some of my concerns while the Pod was under construction. Everyone at Saunafin worked quickly to make “the Pod”, better than perfect... and for that, you are so deserving of the highest 5 Star Rating.

As the Pod Sauna was constructed in November, all exterior wood surfaces were prestained (2 coats), before assembly in a heated garage.

Please find a photo of our finished sauna!

The Pod Sauna is fantastic and a real joy to our healthy daily living!



Norm Sultmanis

Lakefield Ontario

outdoor POD sauna with porch


Norm Sultmanis
December 12, 2019

Thank you for your assistance and service.  The sauna kit installed well.  The was enough materials to allow some personalization.  I have included a few pics you can share on your website.


Bob Slovick

home sauna kit      home sauna     indoor home sauna

Bob Slovick
October 26, 2019

Hi Mike, 

 After researching for many months, and contacting numerous sauna dealers, we decided to order a panoramic barrel sauna from Mike at SaunaFin - and we are so glad that we did! 

From the very start, Mike was very quick to reply to our many questions.  He provided detailed setup instructions and images to help us along the way. 

We are so thrilled with our end-product! We chose to purchase the combi heater, which allows for both wet or dry heat. We use both on a regular basis.  We love every second in our peaceful barrel sauna! 


Nancy Armstrong

outdoor panoremic view barrel sauna    outdoor panoremic view barrel sauna    outdoor panoremic view barrel sauna with electric heater     outdoor dundalk leisurecraft panoremic view barrel sauna

Nancy Armstrong

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