January 08, 2000

Ed Dent
Building Services


Great job on the sauna - as always. Looks fantastic.

Ed Dent

Ed Dent (Service Manager, Metro YMCA)
December 19, 1999

December, 1999

I must admit the load was bigger than I had anticipated. We did get across the Boarder without any hassle. I'm glad we decided to use your Broker. I can't imagine doing it without their help.It took about 45 minutes.

I started assembly on Friday and finished on Sunday about 22 man hours including the Electrical which I did myself. It looks Great, I've had several complements on it. We had 5 people in it on Sunday night. We shared a small glass of Finlandia Vodka, each adult taking a sip the child in the room could only smell it. We then christened the sauna with a little of the Vodka for good luck.

Thanks for all the help.
Patrick D.
White lake, MI

Patrick D
September 04, 1999

September, 1999

To whom it may concern;

This summer I built a cabana/sauna in my backyard. I did a lot of comparison shopping for quality and price before deciding that Saunafin offered the best of both. Their "select quality" clear cedar is virtually unavailable elsewhere. Lansing, Cashway, and Home Depot offer inferior cedar at ridiculously high prices; while specialty dealers like Hanford don't carry any stock whatsoever.

Saunafin took my design and precisely calculated the number of boards I required. They assembled a complete sauna package, which included detailed, simple-to-follow instructions. Building was easy and resulted in almost no wastage because Saunafin provided me with carefully calculated lengths of cedar to suit my plan. The result was that I didn't end up paying for wood I couldn't use. My sauna went together quickly and the result was spectacular.

I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks Saunafin!

Andy C., Etobicoke

Andy C
May 24, 1999

May, 1999

Dear Mike and Maria,

I would like to drop you a short line to let you know how I made out with the kit I purchased from you.

I spent time comparing your kit price to purchasing the items from various sources that I have contacts with, ie a lumber yard, an electrical contractor.

After comparing everything, it was very clear that your package was well worth the money for the material alone, never mind your guidance with the assembly and hook up.

I had already built the outside walls, from start to finish I had the 5 x 7 liner kit installed in 12 hours. The electrician came the next day and hooked the breaker into the panel and within ½ an hour I was enjoying the sauna.

We use it at least twice a week. We have had numerous compliments on our sauna, should you ever have a customer near me in Whitby, feel free to give them our name and number, we will be happy to show them our unit.


Barry G.
Whitby, ON

Barry G
May 04, 1998

Dear Maria & Mike: May 4, 1998

Please find enclosed a cheque for the final payment on my sauna installation. I am, in general, a perfectionist with very high standards and I am not often inclined to take the time to write a letter of commendation. However, I must tell you how pleased I am with your level of service and the high degree of professionalism that you demonstrated on this project. The individuals who worked here created a minimum disruption and I honestly couldn't believe how little "damage" was created when your electrical sub-contractor ran the new wiring through my finished basement!

I am extremely pleased with the finished product and appreciate the manner in which you coordinated the installation, including moving the doorway to the old storage room and repairing the wall where the old doorway was. If you ever require a reference, I would be more than happy to provide one.


Kathy W.,
Thornhill, Ontario

Kathy W.
April 09, 1998

April, 1994

Dear Mike

Nice To See You Again!

I was a pleasure to see you again at this year's home show. Meeting you again, reminded me that I had never really expressed my personal and my family's satisfaction and happiness with 'Saunafin's Sauna Kit' we purchased!

Thanks For Your Advise And For The Quality Products!

With help of my 16 year old son and a neighbor, we installed the kit in about three evenings after dinner….you were correct "anyone who can read and common sense can install your sauna kit……thanks again….the installation became a labour of love which I admire continually 3 to 4 times a week even now almost a year later.

I wish you and your colleagues every success!

Roger B. & Family

Roger B. & Family
April 25, 1992

To Saunafin

Fulfilling a Dream

My dream got fulfilled in April of 1992 at the Home Show in Toronto.

Once again looking for saunas and information I met Mike Wynn from Saunafin, who gave me very patiently detailed information about different saunas.

The actual advise and professionalism made me purchase from Saunafin.

After a couple of phone calls with Maria at the office, the cedar wood was cut to specific measurements as requested and ready for pick-up.

The Material was of very good quality.

Then with the help of a Building guide the real fun began.

By nailing board after board with easy instructions after 2 weeks of evening and weekend work the sauna was ready for use, which I did of course. It has since been a pleasure to use it and hopefully will be for many years to come.

Sauna Lover
Mr. & Mrs. H. 
Toronto, Ontario

Mr. & Mrs. H.

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