Are Home Saunas Hard to Maintain?

Posted on 12 January 2024

Are Home Saunas Hard to Maintain?With multiple health benefits and spa-like luxury within the comfort of your space, home saunas in Los Angeles are gaining ground in the wellness landscape. However, maintenance requirements are a critical factor for most homeowners. So are home saunas, like the popular barrel saunas, hard to maintain? Thankfully, in-home saunas require far less maintenance than a pool or hot tub! You can keep your beloved sauna running optimally with a quick clean and periodic upkeep.

Here are some quick cleaning hacks to keep your sauna retreat fresh and clean.

Maintaining Temperature & Humidity

Ensure a sublime barrel sauna experience with an even balance of temperature and humidity. 

  • Pre-heat or ‘cure’ your home sauna in Los Angeles before stepping in. You don’t want to sit in a cold sauna! Curing can take forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on your heater and sauna size. 
  • Keep the sauna temperature between 150°F-175°F with 10-20% relative humidity.
  • Avoid an overly dry sauna and overheating, as it can diminish the health benefits. Overheating can also damage sauna components and compromise longevity. 

Cleaning Your At-home Sauna

  • Take a minute to clean the sauna using a soft brush and water after every use. Make sure to cover benches, interior walls, and the floor. Use a mix of mild vinegar and water for stubborn stains. It’s also a natural disinfectant that is gentle on the wood. 
  • Use an absorbent wipe or soft cloth to dry the sauna surfaces. 
  • Let the sauna dry naturally by leaving the door open when you exit. The residual sauna heat will also help it dry.
  • Remove dirt and debris by vacuuming or manually sweeping the barrel sauna periodically.
  • Body oils and perspiration can leave unsightly sweat stains on the wood. So, cover the sauna benches and floors with plush towels and rugs to absorb sweat. 
  • The sauna interior wood can look weathered with time and use. Sand the sauna benches every 2-3 years to restore appearance. Cover the heater and sauna rocks with plastic to avoid grit, and vacuum the sauna interior afterward. 
  • Always start with clean feet! Keep a water bucket handy or use wet cleansing wipes to reduce tracked-in dirt and dust. 
  • Avoid using hard water to clean your at-home sauna–the calcium and magnesium salts can cause residue buildup. Instead, use soft or distilled water free from such mineral impurities. 
  • Steer clear of harsh chemical detergents that can damage the sauna wood. 
  • Never use varnish, paint, sealants, or stains on your sauna interior. 

Periodic Maintenance Checks

Establishing a consistent maintenance schedule for your home sauna is essential for longevity and optimal barrel sauna operation. Routine checks on the heating elements, ventilation, sauna heater, and controls aid in the early detection of potential issues. A thorough inspection every 3-6 months can keep your sauna haven running smoothly. Professional sauna servicing is a convenient option and can help identify hidden concerns. 

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