Aromatherapy and Home Saunas

Posted on 19 October 2021

aromatherapy for home saunasIf you’ve ever been to a sauna, you’ll have experienced how it can help you feel relaxed and re-energized. There are a few tips and tricks that will boost the experience even more, such as incorporating essential oils into your next home sauna session. 

When considering a Dundalk LeisureCraft sauna, don’t forget some of the accouterments that will take your home sauna session to the next level. You might consider buying a bucket and ladle, backrests, plush towels, chromotherapy, a thermometer and a hygrometer. Have you considered adding an essential oil diffuser to your sauna experience? Certain scents are associated with relaxation, rejuvenation, alertness, and so on.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about aromatherapy and how you can incorporate it into your home sauna sessions. Reach out to our experts at SaunaFin for more information about Dundalk LeisureCraft saunas.

History of Aromatherapy and Saunas

Years ago, people burned cedarwood in their saunas because of the intoxicating scent and the relaxing ambiance. Furthermore, the smell of the cedarwood combined with the intense heat of the sauna made for a truly comfortable experience. Using scents while in the sauna is not new, but essential oils are all the rage lately. Add a few drops to a diffuser, your rocks, or the water for your rocks, and prepare to enjoy next-level relaxation. Keep reading to discover the benefits of various scents.

Types of Essential Oils to Use

  • Lavender is helpful if you experience high stress and anxiety and is great for unwinding. With a subtle floral aroma, lavender might be what you need to relax before bed.
  • Eucalyptus is a natural stimulant, so if you have trouble waking up, this is the oil for you. Eucalyptus is also known to aid against respiratory illness. In the Finnish tradition, whisks made from eucalyptus or birch have long been utilized.
  • Peppermint has both energizing and cooling qualities. Peppermint oil is also used to help with pain, especially alongside the heat from a sauna. Headaches, back and shoulder pain, tension, and inflammation will all melt away.
  • Ylang Ylang is a great mood booster and brings the sweet scents of spring with it. Reduce stress and alleviate poor moods by diffusing ylang ylang in your home sauna. It is also a natural antiseptic.
  • Cedarwood, as previously mentioned, is a very traditional scent to diffuse. Again, cedarwood combined with intense heat makes for a perfect sauna experience. With a sweet aroma, cedarwood can help with inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Frankincense is lemony, piney, and sweet. By clearing airways through the body, frankincense can be used for respiratory health, allergies, and strengthening immunity.


It is easy to see that there are many benefits to diffusing essential oils in your home sauna. Each oil has unique properties and helps with different ailments. At SaunaFin, we are eagerly awaiting your questions regarding home sauna use in tandem with essential oils. Relax and indulge in our home sauna and allow a sweet scent to transport you to serenity. Contact us today to learn more.

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