Benefits of Steam Therapy for Hair

Posted on 13 December 2022

Nowadays, many hair trends take the internet by storm, changing monthly and sometimes daily, so it can take a lot of work to keep up with new hair treatments and styles. A simple solution to caring for your locks is hair steaming in your steam shower. What is hair steaming, exactly? Hair steaming is a traditional hair treatment that has the potential to enhance the look, feel, and finish of your hair. It is not a new technique– it is tried and true! Simply coat your hair with nourishing oil, and add steamy heat from your steam shower. Rinse, and voila! Your hair will be extra strong and luscious. The Steamist SMP technology allows you to access steam technology whenever you want with an array of options and add-ons. To learn more, reach out to a SaunaFin specialist today!

Continue reading to learn the benefits of steam therapy for hair.

The Advantages of Hair Steaming

steam showerBeautiful hair is simple with the Steamist technology. Moist heat opens the cuticles of your hair, allowing oils and conditioning treatments to be absorbed more effectively while demolishing dirt and build-up. These hair-steaming treatments are essential for dry hair to actively soak up the treatments deep into the scalp. 

What are some other benefits of steaming? Since steaming encourages circulation and healthy blood flow, you’ll notice significant hair growth. It also smooths and softens hair, providing more volume with less brittleness. In addition, scalp health is improved due to steam allowing for a deep clean. Before steaming, wash your hair, as this treatment works best on clean hair. With endless benefits to hair steaming, there’s no reason to hold back. See what a difference hair steaming can make with home saunas from the professionals at SaunaFin. Read on to find out how frequently you should use hair steaming for the best results.

How Often Should Hair Steaming be Done? 

Hair steaming should be an occasional treat– it is not for every day. Overdoing steam treatments can have adverse results, such as too much moisture or heat. People with scalp sensitivities such as eczema or psoriasis should consult their doctor before any treatments. Extra dry scalps could use a weekly treatment, but normal to oily hair only needs a monthly treatment. 

More about Steamist steam showers: 

  • American-made, highest-quality standards
  • Wide variety of controls and colours
  • Waterproof temperature control mounts inside the steam shower
  • Compatibility with all Total Sense Spa upgrades
  • Lifetime warranty on parts, two years on labour (one year on control)
  • Options to update (with Chromasense mood light, Audiosense Bluetooth audio system, Aromasense built-in scent dispenser, Showersense sleek, clutter-free shower system)

High-Quality Saunas & Steam Baths

Do you want beautiful, luxurious hair? Using saunas and steam baths from SaunaFin for hair steaming, your scalp will feel clean with no irritability, your hair will have a high sheen, you’ll have improved elasticity, enhanced moisture retention, and your hair will naturally become more manageable over time.

If this sounds like a dream, contact the experts at Saunafin for more information. At Saunafin, we are passionate and knowledgeable about saunas and the Steamist SMP Series. 

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