Choosing Lights for Your Barrel Sauna

Posted on 25 January 2022

barrel sauna with led lightingBarrel saunas are a perfect blend of luxury, style, and functionality. They are a stunning addition to your home and an amazing way to relax & rejuvenate after a long day of hard work. If you are thinking of getting a barrel sauna kit, make sure you have proper lighting inside. Having the right type of lighting in your sauna is essential for a tranquil and relaxing sauna bath. Many of us don’t realize that there are many different types of lights one can use in a sauna. Choosing the proper lighting effects can profoundly impact your Home sauna experience, so make an informed decision.

LED Lighting

LED sauna lighting is economical, safe, and relatively easy to install. Lighting is individualistic, and you can choose to install lights in the walls, ceiling, under benches, or even the floors. The advanced models of LED lights come with a unique control panel to change the brightness and colour to suit your mood. You can even use super convenient LED light strips for indirect lighting to create a luminous, ambient atmosphere for a calm and de-stressing sauna experience. Sauna suitable LED lights are widely available at most lighting centres. LED lights are a popular choice for infrared saunas that do not have very high temperatures.

Fibre Optic Lights

These lights offer safety and comfort as the wiring is through ceilings or walls. The central light source is installed outside the sauna, and it projects the lighting through fibre optics. Fibre optic lights also offer the convenience of altering the brightness for a spa-like ambience in your sauna. Optic lights need a standard AV lighting system of 220-240v.

Lighting Styles 

The lighting style in your barrel sauna can help create an atmosphere of leisure and relaxation. Opt for warm, yellowish lights for a serene and calming sauna experience. Round lights are a popular style as they have a broad spectrum of light and are relatively easy to install. Tubular lights are also high in demand. Their cylindrical shape creates an even spread of light with minimal shadows. Your barrel sauna kit should be paired with heat-resistant sauna lights as the temperature inside a sauna can be high. Moreover, steam saunas will have moisture, so their basis can be aluminum, stainless steel, or heat-resistant plastic. Finnish style ‘dry’ saunas should be fitted with lights that have a ceramic basis. 

Light Placement

You can play around with your barrel sauna lighting to create a different feel and ambience. Place them randomly on the ceiling to create a starry night effect or fit on walls or under benches for recessed lighting. One can even have them on the floor! Just be sure to install the lights away from the heater or stove to avoid any unfortunate incidents. 

To conclude, sauna lighting can range from a regular on/off wall light to a sophisticated recessed lighting system with flexible options. Choose a style that is convenient to use and reflects your tastes. Whether buying a new barrel sauna kit or renovating your home sauna, SaunaFin is your one-stop shop for gorgeous and affordable saunas that last a lifetime. Contact our friendly design consultants to know more about sauna lights for your barrel sauna. Transform your sauna experience with the perfect barrel sauna kit and sauna lights for your home! Contact SaunaFin today! 

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