Do You Need a Hygrometer for Your Sauna?

Posted on 06 October 2022

Nothing’s better than soaking up incredible heat and steam from your home sauna. Disconnecting from the outside world for some me-time in your personal sauna retreat sounds like the epitome of luxury. While you unwind and let go of tight muscles and tension, the soothing steam can ease your mind to unlock tremendous health benefits. In addition, using a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your sauna can allow you to reach desired humidity levels and sauna goals. 

Here’s why you should get a hygrometer for your barrel sauna in Canada.

Why Use a Hygrometer for Your Sauna?

barrel sauna canadaSauna preferences can differ for sauna enthusiasts. While some may prefer a dry sauna environment, others may choose to relax in a steamy sauna. A sauna hygrometer helps to measure and control the humidity levels inside a sauna. Maintaining a safe temperature and humidity level in your home sauna is essential. A sauna thermometer and hygrometer will help achieve the proper microclimate inside the sauna. High heat and moisture levels can affect circulation and may cause dizziness and overheating. While luxuriating in your personal sauna is super relaxing, one that is too hot or moist can be dangerous. Thus, knowing and maintaining ideal humidity and temperature levels for your home sauna is vital.

Where Should You Place Your Hygrometer?

You should ideally place the hygrometer on the wall where you can easily see and monitor it. Ensure that it is away from the sauna rocks and heater but close enough for an accurate reading. Do not hang it near the door or window as the temperatures can fluctuate. It’s recommended to place it somewhere in the middle, not very high or low. You can hang the hygrometer on a small nail or screw in the wall, around 3 feet away from the heater and door/window. Correct placement is necessary for a good reading and safe operation of your barrel sauna in Canada.

What Should the Hygrometer be Reading?

While the perfect humidity and temperature will vary for different individuals, humidity levels in a home sauna can be kept between 5-30%. Your sauna may not work effectively if it is anything below or above the humidity level. Excess moisture in the air will make you feel hot and uncomfortable, so keep an eye on that hygrometer! Also, don’t forget to calibrate your new analog hygrometer to measure correctly. However, one-time calibration is not enough and it’s advised to recalibrate the instrument every six months. 

Final Thoughts

Maintain the proper temperature and an appropriate humidity level to make the most of your home sauna. The best way to do that is to invest in a hygrometer and ensure that it reads the air correctly. Go drizzle those rocks with water and enjoy the blissful moist heat of a traditional Finnish sauna!

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