Top 9 Dry Sauna Benefits

Posted on 26 November 2018

Have you considered dry sauna benefits to support your health? Generally speaking, saunas are small, well-sealed rooms that offer exceptionally high degrees of heat and have been shown to be health promoting. The heat is typically administered through a wood stove, electric heater or an infrared heater. A sauna wood burning stove, also referred to as a wood burning heater, is considered to be a “traditional” sauna experience. The effective flame circulation allows the rocks to heat up evenly, thereby making your sauna warm up quite fast.

Compared to other saunas, traditional dry saunas usually have hot rock and water. Dry sauna temperatures (usually 185-194 degrees Fahrenheit) are higher than steambaths (sometimes referred to as steam saunas).

The benefits of dry saunas include improved circulation, metabolism, flexibility, possible toxin release and relaxation.

At Saunafin, we carry traditional sauna heaters as well as the Tylo Sense Combi, which is a sauna heater with a built-in steam reservoir. Also known by Tylo as the “Soft Sauna" which offers lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Potential Dry Sauna Benefits

Regular sauna use offers numerous health benefits. Saunas are a non-invasive and drug-free approach to well-being. Sauna use can help treat a wide range of ailments. Here are nine notable benefits that you can enjoy:

1. Improved Metabolism

One benefit of a dry sauna is that it can speed up your metabolism. This means your body can burn more calories and as a result, you can lose weight. You can regain lost weight (which is mainly due to sweating) by drinking more water, which will help prevent you from dehydrating.


2. Flexibility

The use of a dry sauna can lead to reduced stiffness in some of your joints. It can also relieve sore muscles. You may feel invigorated in a dry sauna since your body’s blood vessels and flexibility can increase.woman, sauna, dry sauna, dry sauna benefits, saunafin, canada, ontario, stress

3. Improved Stress Management

The heat that saunas provide helps to improve your overall circulation. As you probably know, sauna use leads to the promotion of relaxation, one of the most popular reasons for purchasing one. Of course, this can improve your feeling of well-being and inner peace. Sitting in a sauna is also the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation!

4. Reduction in Pain

Since the use of a sauna can help expand your blood vessels and improve your circulation, reduced arthritic pain, as well as muscular and joint aches and pains. Furthermore, better circulation can also help improve your joint movement.


5. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Dry sauna benefits include reduced levels of stress. Sauna use may be linked to better overall cardiovascular health as a result. It has also been shown to be linked with lower blood pressure and better heart function.

A recent research study conducted in Finland, followed more than 2,300 men, ages 42 to 60 over a 20 year period. The results showed an association between individuals who used a sauna regularly and a reduced risk of death due to cardiovascular disease. Participants were divided by how often they used a sauna per week. Increased sauna use was also associated with a reduction in the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases.

Participants who used the sauna two to three times a week were 22 percent less likely to encounter sudden cardiac death compared to participants who only used it once a week. Participants who used a sauna four to seven times per week were over 60 percent less likely to experience sudden cardiac death and 50 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease when compared to those who used a sauna once per week.

6. Reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease

Dry sauna benefits extend to disease management. Recent findings in Finland from a 20-year scientific study showed sauna use is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. More than 2,300 healthy men between 42 and 60 years of age participated.

The findings suggested those who used a sauna 2 to 3 times per week were 20 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and more than 20 percent less likely to develop dementia, compared to the participants who did not use a sauna. Furthermore, research participants who used a sauna four to seven times a week were 65 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and 66 percent less likely to develop dementia, compared to those who used a sauna once per week.


7. Asthma Relief

It has been reported that individuals who suffer from the symptoms of asthma may find a reduction in some of their symptoms with regular sauna use. This makes sense because sauna use can help loosen phlegm, open the airways, and of course, reduce stress levels. Many individuals with asthma report finding a sauna’s dry heat soothing, and the air lighter and easier to breathe in.

8. Elimination of Toxins

Your kidneys and liver are organs that are responsible for the majority of detoxification for your body. However, some detoxification is believed to be released through sweat. The pores in your skin will open up in a dry sauna, which can cause you to sweat, thereby releasing some unwanted toxins from your body.

9. Reduction in Skin Problems

Dry sauna benefits include drying otherwise oily skin during use. Some individuals who suffer from psoriasis experience a reduction in their symptoms during and after sauna use. Individuals with acne have reported sauna use helps to open their pores and clear their skin to a certain degree. In some cases, those with more severe skin conditions, such as those with atopic dermatitis may find that their skin worsens, thus it is important to be cautious.

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