Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Sauna Clean

Posted on 08 August 2023

Saunas are made to be a safe and relaxing sanctuary to wind down. To keep it this way, we must ensure that your home sauna is clean and safe from harmful substances like mold or chemicals. Understanding the dos and don'ts of sauna cleaning and proper care can elevate the sauna experience and create a welcoming sanctuary for rejuvenation and the health benefits to enjoy with your guests. Whether you have an indoor cabin sauna or a barrel sauna, all cleaning tips are universal across all saunas. At Saunafin, we provide quality saunas for wherever you need them, whether you want a lone-standing prefab sauna or to turn a room in your home into an indoor sauna with our sauna kits. 

Read on to find tips on keeping a clean sauna. 

Personal Hygiene

indoor cabin saunasSaunas promote sweat production, which can be seen as unhygienic. Be sure to go for a quick rinse before and after sitting in your sauna, to reduce the amount of sweat and bacteria left in the sauna and on your body. By showering before, you are getting rid of all the dirt and grime you can bring into your indoor sauna. After the sauna, your pores will be open and unclogged; therefore, it's essential to rinse off so no dirt or bacteria enter those openings. Throughout the day, picking up dirt and bacteria is expected, so don't bring that into the mold-thriving sauna environment. 

Cleaning Regimens to Perform

You can take these steps before, during, and after a sauna to ensure you keep it as clean as possible.

  • Use a towel: Using a towel creates a barrier between you and the wood. Not only is this for your safety, as the wood can be hot, this is so the towel soaks up your sweat so it doesn't affect the condition of the wood.
  • Wiping it down: After using your home sauna, wipe all surfaces down with a brush or a damp cloth. This will help to get rid of excess dirt that may have been tracked into the sauna and lengthen the lifespan of the wood. 
  • Regular cleaning: It's advised to deep clean your sauna once a month to avoid mold development. 
  • Dry out the sauna: Leave the door open to let out most of the warm air once you finish your session. If you fail to do so, your sauna is more prone to mold development as it remains a warm and moist environment.

By following these simple steps, enjoy a clean indoor cabin sauna. You should use the sauna as frequently as possible to remove mold and mildew growth risk.

Why Keep it Clean?

As a sauna is a great investment, taking care of it is essential. Regular upkeep can help lengthen its lifespan to the optimal years. Add your sauna to your list of house-cleaning tasks and keep peace of mind knowing you are sitting in a clean sauna to achieve the best results. 
Failure to clean your sauna can enhance the presence of mold and fungus in your sauna. As heat and moisture are the perfect environment for mold to thrive, it can create a dangerous place to be, discouraging you from using a perfectly fine sauna. By cleaning it out, your sauna should be a valued spot in your home. 

Clean Sauna with Saunafin

Saunafin carries the appropriate products to achieve a clean sauna. If you want to invest in your relaxation, contact Saunafin to find the proper sauna for you and your home. We have provided saunas to homeowners all over North America for over 60 years. 

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