How Do Steam Baths Work?

Posted on 23 September 2022

A steam bath is perfect for enjoying a luxurious shower experience with potent health benefits. Thankfully, relaxing in the comforting warmth of a steam bath can now be accessed from the convenience of your shower. The advanced Elite steam technology powered by a steam generator allows you to tap into the benefits of steam therapy from your home. If you’re ready to start your steam bath journey with SaunaFin, keep reading to learn how steam baths, Steamist steam generators, and the Elite Steam shower works. 

What is a Steam Bath?

steam bathA steam bath is an ancient bathing process where moist steam is used to cleanse and relax the body. It traces its origin to the famed Roman baths or the Turkish ‘Hamam.’ Modern steam baths are enclosed spaces or small rooms filled with moist steam created by a Steamist steam generator. The steam mist is sprayed through special nozzles in the room/shower. 

What are the Benefits of a Steam Bath?

A steam bath can work wonders for your physical & mental health, bringing a host of wellness benefits: 

  • Better skin health
  • Improved hair texture
  • Healthier heart & improved circulation
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Reduced congestion & allergies
  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relief 
  • Sound sleep

How is Steam Produced? 

Steam baths rely on the scientific procedure of converting water into steam by heating. Modern steam baths are powered by a steam generator that heats the water supplied through the water line. The electric heating element of the Steamist steam generator raises the water to boiling point. The steam produced is carried through a pipe to the steam shower and released through nozzles on the steam head. 

How to Control an Elite Steam Bath?

The steam shower generator is usually hidden away, so a user interface called the ‘controls’ are provided to operate it. The controls allow you to manage and monitor your steam bath session. You may install the controls inside the steam shower enclosure or outside it. Internal controls are more popular as one doesn’t have to leave the bath enclosure to adjust the temperature. Basic control operations include switching on or turning off the Steamist steam generator and temperature control. Advanced options in  Elite steam baths include wireless remotes, timers, digital displays, touch screens, and indicator lights. Selecting the perfect model can be challenging with the multitude of steam generator options available. Consider heating capacity, warranties, and power output while making the final choice.  

Additional Steam Bath Options

With their vast range of steam bath options, you are spoilt for choice at SaunaFin! Choose between our affordable ES Easy Steam or luxurious Steamist SMP Total sense series. The Steamist Steam SMP is compatible with the sublime Total Sense Spa features that include:

Aroma Sense: Luxurious aromatherapy infused directly into the steam shower.

Audio Sense: Bluetooth-enabled audio system with in-shower controls to soothe the senses.

ChromaSense: Colorful LED lights for therapeutic chromatherapy. 

Shower Sense: Powerful three-showerhead steam control system at your fingertips!

Make Every Day a Spa Day with SaunaFin

Redefine health & wellness and create your personal mini spa at home with uber-luxurious steam bath options from SaunaFin. Experience the profound benefits of steam therapy with our Elite Steam and Steamist SMP series of steam baths and steam shower generators. SaunaFin steam shower generators are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and reliable workhorses guaranteed to elevate your steam bath experience.

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