How to Choose Between a Sauna Vs. A Steam Shower

Posted on 09 July 2021

steam baths canadaBefore saunas and steam showers grew in popularity, they were used most commonly in public spaces, like a fitness club or the spa. Advancements in engineering and residential design have led to more enthusiasts opting to get their own private sauna or steam shower in Canada. Enjoy some relaxation in the privacy of your own residence-- you just have to decide what to invest in; a sauna or a steam shower.

Both saunas and steam showers have major benefits. They are also quite different, and these differences could affect your decision! SaunaFin has sold steam bath and steam shower generators by Steamist for over 25 years. This makes us the largest distributor in Canada. Steamist offers two options: ES Easy Steam, the “no frills” option, which is perfect if you just want steam. If you’re after something that offers aroma infusion or wifi, the Steamist SMP Series is the perfect fit.

Now to decide, sauna or steam shower?

Steam Shower versus Sauna Construction

  • Traditionally, a sauna is a capsule made of wood, heated with a stove and sauna rocks. The main difference between a sauna and a steam shower is that a sauna uses low humidity and dry heat. 
  • A steam shower uses a humidifying steam generator that creates water vapour. A steam shower must be constructed from ceramic tiles or other non-porous materials more conducive to a moist environment. 
  • Steam showers can easily be incorporated into your existing living space. A sauna requires a separate room and some bathroom real estate.

Heat Source

In a sauna, the heat is derived from a traditional rock-laden stove. More modern saunas produce heat via an infrared system. Pour some water over the rocks in the stove to produce some humidity in the sauna. Saunas are perfect for those that enjoy a dry heat with very little humidity.

In a steam shower, the heat generator is located outside the room. The heat generator creates a mist that rejuvenates and envelopes you. If you love humidity, a steam shower is the choice for you! 

Wellness Benefits

Both saunas and steam showers have unique benefits. Both can ease muscle tension and aid in relaxation, especially after a long day at the office! Improved circulation, sweating out toxins, and increasing blood flow are benefits of both.

Since a sauna is dry, the heat will soothe nerve endings and relax muscles, minimizing joint pain. This is especially great for arthritis and migraines. If you don’t enjoy humidity, a sauna is the best option.

The moist environment of a steam shower keeps your body perspiring with no chance of water evaporation. Steam showers can open up airways and decrease congestion, helping with sinus relief. The steam shower may also increase metabolism. Since your body is mainly composed of water, sweating it out will help you lose a few pounds. 

Whether you choose a sauna or a steam shower, get ready for total bliss. Installing a steam shower in Canada has so many benefits for your mental and physical health and is an attainable luxury in the depths of a Canadian winter. If you’d like to start enjoying some of them, call SaunaFin for more information!

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