How to Install a Barrel Sauna Kit in 5 Easy Steps

Posted on 19 April 2024

Are you coveting your own sauna at home but unsure if it’s feasible or affordable? While having a personal sauna may seem like a luxurious dream, it’s actually quite attainable with easily installable barrel sauna kits! The SaunaFin pros are here to guide you through installing a barrel sauna kit with sauna heaters in 5 easy steps. After all, why only covet a sauna when you can easily craft one in your home?

Barrel Sauna Kit Bounties

How to Install a Barrel Sauna Kit in 5 Easy StepsBarrel sauna kits offer all the sauna benefits without emptying your bank balance. A ten to fifteen-minute session in your barrel sauna can stimulate blood flow and release endorphins, providing cardiovascular health benefits and mental clarity. Spa-like relaxation, detoxification, improved circulation, and overall well-being are just some additional sauna bathing perks! The best part? The luxury of convenient sauna therapy in your backyard at a cost that’s literally a steal!

Preparing for Installation

Before diving into the barrel sauna kit installation process, have all the essential carpentry tools and materials you’ll need readily available. You’ll mostly use a screwdriver, hammer, level, measuring tape, and a power drill. Also, ensure you have a stave bead bit, a cove bit, plus a groove bit for the sauna walls. 

Understanding what is included in your sauna material kit is also practical. A typical barrel sauna kit includes:

  • Pre-cut cedar or hemlock boards for walls and ceiling
  • Corner trim for the ceiling and walls
  • Sauna door( pre-hung on jamb)
  • Door casing
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Heater guard fence
  • Foil Vapour barrier
  • A powerful sauna heater (Most suppliers have a standard heater with upgrade options)
  • Marine grade vapour proof light 
  • Outlet vent
  • A clear and illustrated instruction booklet or flyers for assembly. 

Also, make sure the sauna installation area is level and sturdy. Consider building a foundation to support your sauna’s weight and provide stability. You’ll also need a dedicated electrical outlet for the sauna heater. 

Pro placement tip: Place your barrel sauna near a shower or pool to finish off your sauna in true Finnish style!

Easy 5-Step Barrel Sauna Kit Installation 

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of sauna kit installation! Follow our five straightforward steps to set up your barrel sauna:

​​1. Assemble the Base

Start by laying out the base components according to the sauna kit instructions. Secure the baseboards together using the provided hardware. Ensure a snug fit to create a sturdy base for your sauna.

2. Install the Sauna Walls

With the base in place, attach the pre-cut cedar cradles and staves to form the barrel sauna walls. Work your way around, ensuring each stave aligns correctly and is securely fastened to the base. Proper alignment and secure sauna assembly ensure correct heat distribution and retention.

3. Installing the Door and Heater

With your barrel sauna walls in place, it’s time to install the sauna door. SaunaFin barrel sauna kits come with a pre-hung door(door and hinges are already installed) on the jamb, making the installation quick and convenient. Set up the sauna door and frame according to the provided instructions. 

Next comes the sauna heater. You would have chosen the heater when ordering the kit. SaunaFin’s sauna kits come with the standard Sauna Craft CWM series heaters with TPT3 mechanical controls. You also have the option to upgrade to the other Sauna Craft models or the Homecraft Revive series and the Tylo series sauna heaters. Though the nostalgic allure of a wood-burning sauna has its charm, nothing beats the sheer convenience and affordability of electric heaters. ( A wood-fired sauna requires sourcing & storing wood and tending to the fire during sauna sessions.)

Mount the sauna heater inside the sauna, taking care of proper ventilation and clearance. Lastly, attach the heater guard fence provided in the kit.

4. Installing the Roof and Chimney

Attach the sauna kit roof panels to the top of the sauna. They should be securely fastened to provide complete weather protection. Install the chimney to allow proper ventilation and smoke escape(check and follow local regulations & building codes.) 

5. Finishing Touches and Testing the Sauna

Complete the barrel sauna kit assembly by adding final touches—handles, benches, control panels, lighting and sauna accessories. Double-check all connections for correct placement and safety. A tasteful and elegant sauna adds to the charm and overall experience, so have fun choosing the bells and whistles! 

Your sauna’s all ready, but test the sauna heater and controls before indulging in your barrel sauna.  

Tips for a Smooth Installation Process

Consider the following tips for a seamless barrel sauna kit installation experience.

  • Read the provided instructions carefully before starting and familiarize yourself with each step and component.
  • Get a friend or family member to assist with assembly, especially when handling large or heavy parts like assembling and installing the sauna walls. 
  • Take breaks! This will prevent fatigue and ensure focused precision during assembly.
  • Refer to online resources or consult with the sauna kit company professionals if you encounter challenges during installation.

Enjoying Your Sauna

Now that your beautiful barrel sauna is up and running, it’s sauna time!

Maximize your barrel sauna experience by:

  • A super clean sauna preserves the therapeutic spa experience—have all bathers take a quick shower before entering the sauna. Regularly clean and maintain your barrel sauna to enjoy flawless performance for years.
  • Hydrate before and after each barrel sauna session to replenish lost fluids and aid detoxification.
  • Set a timer for your sessions and start with shorter durations(5-10 minutes). Gradually increase to 15-20 minutes once your body acclimates to the heat.
  • Sauna etiquettes like sitting on a towel to absorb sweat will go a long way to keep your barrel sauna fresh and inviting.
  • Add a delightful sensory element by incorporating the sauna ritual of splashing water over the sauna rocks to generate sauna steam or löyly. Add an authentic touch with sauna accessories like a classic wooden bucket and ladle. 
  • Embrace the authentic Finnish tradition of contrast bathing with an invigorating icy shower, a dip in the pool or a nearby lake.

Live the Sauna Dream with SaunaFin

Installing a barrel sauna is simpler and more affordable than you imagine! With SaunaFin’s convenient barrel sauna kits and expert support, you can craft your personal rejuvenation and relaxation haven. Therapeutic benefits and tranquil, relaxing moments of sauna bliss await! 

With over six decades of sauna expertise, SaunaFin is the premier provider of custom sauna kits, home saunas, and steam baths across Canada and North America. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction will ensure that your sauna journey is one of unparalleled luxury, relaxation, and enduring wellness.

Call now to reserve your SaunaFin barrel sauna kit!

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