How to Install a Cabin Sauna Kit

Posted on 13 June 2024

Home saunas are the new wellness buzzword—a serene escape where stress melts away and tranquillity envelopes you in a warm embrace. A cabin sauna kit can turn this mindful dream into your everyday reality. Home wellness solutions are hot, and the allure of a personal sauna sanctuary fits the bill perfectly! Join team SaunaFin as we take you on an exhilarating journey of installing your outdoor sauna. Whether you are an expert DIYer or a first-time installer, our stepwise instructions guide you from preparation to the first blissful sauna moment in your new sanctuary!

Preparing for the Cabin Sauna Kit Installation

outdoor cabin saunaYour cabin sauna kit has been delivered, and you’re all excited to embark on your sauna journey! But before you jump-start the installation process, gather all the necessary tools and materials. You’ll need:

  1. Basic tools: screwdriver, drill, level, measuring tape, and a sealant.
  2. Your cabin sauna kit: It typically includes wall panels, a door, benches, a heater, controls, and insulation.

Preparing the installation site is critical for a steady and seamless sauna kit installation. Choose a level and well-ventilated location. Access to electrical connections and other utilities will make your cabin sauna experience comfortable and convenient. Don’t forget to check for mandatory construction code compliance and secure the necessary permits.
Double-check that all your tools and sauna materials are ready and that the site is adequately prepped to prevent any hitches during installation.

Unpacking and Organizing Sauna Kit Components

This part is like unwrapping a giant wellness present. Unpack the cabin sauna kit and carefully inspect each component for damage. Cross-check with the inventory list provided to ensure everything is accounted for. Next, lay out the kit components in an organized manner. This will streamline the process and save you from the frustration of frantically searching for kit pieces in the middle of the sauna assembly process. 

Assembling the Sauna Walls

With the wall panels neatly lined up, it’s time to assemble the sauna walls. 

Step-by-Step Assembly:

  • Align the Panels: Carefully read and follow the sauna manufacturer’s instructions to connect the wall panels. Recheck the sauna wall measurements and use the pre-drilled holes and included screws for secure assembly.
  • Secure the Panels: Make sure each panel is correctly aligned and secure them tightly for a stable fit. A level and measuring tape will be your best friends to confirm the walls are straight.
  • Add a Top Plate: After finishing a sauna wall, add a top plate to prevent the wall from tipping. The top plate will also be helpful in the overall sauna kit assembly as it secures the corners and adjacent sauna walls.

Pay attention to detail during assembly—proper alignment and stability are crucial for an enjoyable and safe cabin sauna experience. 

Securing the Sauna Door

Attaching the sauna door is a critical installation step. Begin by attaching the hinges and handles to the door using a screwdriver. Now install the door frame, ensuring it fits snugly and aligns with the walls. Adjust as necessary and take time to properly align and secure the door. A tight seal is essential to retain the sauna’s heat and efficiency. Test the door for smooth operation and make any final adjustments to the hinges or frame. Now, fasten the trim pieces according to the kit instructions. All trim components are neatly labelled for your convenience.

Fitting the Sauna Benches

Assemble the sauna components according to the sauna kit instruction manual. You’ll need to connect the precut seating panels to bench supports. All bench parts should be securely attached to the cabin sauna walls. A sturdy and correctly levelled bench is essential for safety and a comfortable sauna experience. Double-check all bench connections and make any required adjustments for a seamless fit. 

Fitting the Sauna Heater and Controls

Safety First when it comes to electrical components! SaunaFin recommends hiring a licensed electrician to ensure the safe installation of your cabin sauna’s heater and electrical components. This will help avoid possible mishaps and ensure compliance with electrical codes.

  1. Mount the Heater: Position the sauna heater according to the manufacturer’s specifications for proper airflow and heat distribution. Follow all safety guidelines, particularly regarding clearances and mounting heights.
  2. Connect Electrical Components: As mentioned earlier, this step is best handled by a licensed electrician. 

Sealing and Insulating Your Cabin Sauna

Maximize the efficiency and comfort of your cabin sauna retreat by applying a sealant to all wall seams and corners. This prevents heat loss and moisture damage. Install the recommended insulation to enhance heat retention. Proper insulation is critical to maintaining consistent temperatures and reducing heating times. Now add the ceiling panels, ensuring they’re flush and square against the cabin sauna walls. 

Final Touches and Sauna Testing

Your cabin sauna kit is all assembled, but always test the sauna before using it. Review all connections and fastenings again to ensure everything is tight and secure. Test the cabin sauna heater and controls to confirm they are functioning correctly. Monitor the cabin sauna temperature and adjust heater settings as needed.

Install Your Indoor or Outdoor Sauna

Installing a sauna, even with a modular sauna kit, may seem daunting. However, you can craft a rejuvenating sanctuary with the above detailed and organized steps. Careful preparation, attention to detail during assembly, and correct sealing and insulation will ensure a successful sauna kit installation. If you’re doing this yourself, get a friend or family on board to help with the heavy lifting. Get on the home wellness bandwagon with SaunaFin’s premium home saunas and cabin sauna kits! SaunaFin is the undisputed market leader in sauna kits and saunas in Canada and North America.  We guarantee bespoke craftsmanship, quality sauna materials, and expert support. 

Finally, a DIY sauna kit installation can be a wonderfully gratifying experience. Avoid rushing the installation. Instead, have fun building your cabin sauna, and enjoy the unparalleled sense of achievement in crafting your cabin sauna retreat!

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