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Outdoor Cabin Saunas - Clear Cedar


Outdoor cabin Sauna The Outdoor Cabin sauna is a traditional square box with two level benches for stratified heat.  The outdoor version includes a peaked roof with cedar shingles and a full cedar base.
Select from a variety of bench styles, heater selections and other options.

                                                 Outdoor Cabin Assembly Video:          Click Here

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  • Outdoor Cabin Sauna Assembly & Video (OC)
  • Outdoor Cabin
  • Outdoor Sauna Base Prep
  • Pre-Fab Heater Selection
  • Freight Estimate-Outdoor Cabin
  • Outdoor Sauna Maintenance

Outdoor Cabin
Base Preparation and Assembly Manual:  Click Here  










Outdoor Cabin Assembly Video




Outdoor Cabin


  • Outdoor cabin saunas are constructed of 2x6 tongue and groove cedar "logs" with notch corners and threaded rod system for secure assembly
  • Available in Clear Western Red Cedar - Lined Horizontally
  • Assembles in one day
  • Clear Red Cedar Benches are pre-assembled
  • The standard heater is the Saaku Sauna CP model with a control built into the front base of the heater (Heater options available)
  • Perfect fit
  • Sauna Door with a full-length single pane tempered window (15" x 60")
  • Full Cedar floor
  • Window options available
  • Peaked cedar shake roof, peak height 102"

Backyard cabin sauna Cabin sauna outdoors Outdoor pre-fab cabin sauna Outdoor pre-fab cabin sauna

Outdoor pre-fab sauna can beinstalled on a variety of surfaces, including:  concrete pad, gravel "cottage" pad, patio or deck
Recommended base size and specifications: 

                           BASE PREP & SPECS for ALL OUTDOOR SAUNAS


                                                                                    outdoor sauna base setup instructions

Selecting your Pre-Fab Sauna Heater (Wiring Considerations)


In general, heaters with built-in controls are simpler to install in pre-fab saunas. This is because the supply wire goes directly to the heater. You do not have to route the wire to a separate control. 
As a result the Saaku Sauna CP and Tylo Sense Sport are the obvious choices.

 prefab sauna heater by tylo   prefab sauna heater by tylo  prefab sauna heater by tylo



Having said that, you are not limited to a built-in control models.
Some prefer separate controls for the convenience or for the features that are only available with certain models
The Tylo Plus and Tylo Combi are avaialble with the Pure or Elite (wi-fi) control
The "steaming" Tylo Combi only comes with a separate control
When opting for an separate control model with a pre-fab sauna, the control is usually installed inside the sauna. We include extra trim to conceal the wire.
NOTE: When installing a Tylo control inside sauna, the control must be at least 12" away from the heater and no more than 36" above the floor.

prefab sauna heater by tylo  prefab sauna heater by tylo      prefab sauna heater by tylo  prefab sauna heater by tylo  


All of our outdoor pre-fab saunas are also available with wood burning saunas heater.
The outside feed wood stove is manufactured specially for our saunas.
You may aslo select the inside feed Harvia M3 with glass door to view the fire

              tylo sauna heater  tylo sauna heater in barrel sauna     

Outdoor Cabin Sauna Freight Estimate

Factory pick is available.  Sauna comes packaged in crate. size varies by sauna selection (approx. 45" x 7' to 8'++ length x 36" height).   
Local Delivery and Assembly available in Southern Ontario. (Delivery= approx. $600.  Delivery& Set Up=approx. $1500).
Elsewhere, shipping via transport truck. (Call for rate)

Freight will be confirmed before the the order is finalized.
The U.S. freight table below is an estimate based your part of the country.

Cabin Pre-Fab Saunas packed as loose material in a crate.
Shipped via transport truck. Delivery is curbside (at the end of your driveway).
Lift gate delivery is included where available (for crate sizes up to 92").
If crate is too large for liftgate, you must open crate on truck and off load individual pieces.

US FREIGHT ZONES - Cabin Outdoor Saunas

Sauna Size

4'x6', 5x5

5x6, 4x7

5x7 to 6x7


Zone 1





Zone 2





Zone 3





Zone 4





Zone 5





Zone 6





Zone 7





Zone 8





Zone 9





Zone 10





outdoor cabin sauna delivery usa

outdoor prefab sauna maintenance instructions

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