How to Make the Most of Your in-Home Sauna?

Posted on 07 October 2017

As more and more homeowners install personal saunas, care and maintenance issues start to be important. And like other home appliances, taking care of your sauna is essential for short-term performance and long-term lifespan. Taking care of your sauna does not have to be a pain – there are simply some basics that should be followed, and none of them are particularly burdensome. Properly taking care of your sauna, whether it’s in the basement or the bedroom, will have a good number of benefits. And the fact is, the sauna experience should be both hygienic and healthful, so taking care of your sauna appropriately is really just part of the experience. Owning and maintaining a personal sauna should be simple, with rewards that are well worth the efforts.

Simple steps for taking care of your sauna

  • home sauna kitAn in-home sauna doesn’t generally need to be treated – there are no issues with sunlight or precipitation. A wash-down with mild detergents (or only water) should suffice.
  • The inside of a sauna should never be treated with varnish or paint or stain. Clearly, with the heat and moisture, this could pose some health risks. Treating the inside is a firm NO.
  • Vacuuming or sweeping out the inside of a sauna from time to time is highly recommended. This will remove loose dirt and will allow for a clean and hygienic sauna experience.
  • To remove stains from perspiration or dirt, a mild cleaning solution is the best option (like baking soda and water). The wood should be lightly scrubbed, and then rinsed off.
  • Parts and accessories should be kept in good repair and replaced when necessary. Like anything, preventive maintenance will ensure long life for sauna parts and accessories.

Simple suggestions for using your sauna

  1. Start off the sauna session with a quick shower (no need towel dry)
  2. Pre-heat sauna (80-90 Celsius) - enter, relax, and begin to perspire
  3. Even in extreme heat, it takes time for your body to perspire freely
  4. Immediately after the sauna session cool off with a coolish shower
  5. The length of the sauna session should depend on personal comfort
  6. After the cool shower, re-enter the sauna again and repeat the cycle
  7. When the sauna session is done, allow the body to completely relax
  8. Depending on personal needs, a drink or light snack may be desired

In home sauna kits from the specialists at Saunafin

Do-it-yourself sauna kits have become quite popular. They are easy to install and Saunafin makes the process simple. Saunafin sells a variety of Sauna Material Kits that come with all of the necessary components to complete an in-home sauna. In the Greater Toronto Area (and the Golden Horseshoe region), Saunafin provides everything sauna related - from modular kits, to sauna heaters, to steam generators, to a host of accessories. Whatever your need, Saunafin has something to suit, whether it’s a prefabricated kit, a built-in unit, or a portable sauna. To find out more call 1-800-387-7029, or visit the company website at http://www.saunafin.com .

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