How To Properly Sauna In Your Pure Cube Sauna

Posted on 20 June 2022

Probably the only time you can get healthier just by sitting is when you’re luxuriating in your indoor or outdoor pure cube sauna. The world has woken up to the incredible health, beauty, and relaxation benefits of saunas, and there’s no looking back.The enveloping heat of a sauna and the steady bursts of steam and humidity can be rejuvenating and relaxing. Enjoy the profound benefits of an outdoor or indoor pure cube sauna by following a proper approach to sauna bathing. Read on for some sauna tips from our team at SaunaFin to take your sauna experience to the next level! 

When Is the Right Time to Sauna? 

indoor outdoor pure cube saunaWith a home sauna, you can indulge in some blissful sauna therapy at any time, at your convenience. Using your sauna after exercising is a surefire way to shake up your routine and improve your health and fitness. Sauna enthusiasts swear by the benefits of using a sauna after exercising, whether it’s an invigorating gym session, a jog, light yoga, or a simple walk – choose whatever works for you. We advise you to give your body some time to cool down before stepping into your outdoor or indoor pure cube sauna.

Pre Sauna Prep

  • Eating or drinking before a sauna: While eating a light snack is okay, heavy meals should be avoided before the sauna. Prepare yourself for the heat by drinking water, or if you’ve exercised, have a sports drink. You tend to lose electrolytes along with the toxins and water when you sweat. Being well hydrated will prevent any possible dizziness or disorientation. 
  • Preparing the sauna: Heating the sauna beforehand will maximize the gains. Preheat your sauna to about 140-170 degrees for around 15 minutes before entering. Heat it up for longer if you have an outdoor pure cube sauna, especially during winter.
  • Bring two towels: one to sit on and another to wipe off the sweat. 

During Your Sauna Session 

Supercharge your health with an awesome sauna routine. 

  • A sauna is about working up a good sweat. Use a wooden ladle to drizzle water onto the lava rocks to work up steam. The moist heat helps open up the lungs. 
  • Use a body brush to get rid of dead skin and aid lymphatic drainage.
  • Go for 2-3 rounds of sauna bathing with cool offs for a longer sauna session. Opt for 10-15 minutes inside the sauna and around the same time outside for cooling down. 
  • Combine the session with cold treatment. You can shower with cold or cool water, but please consult your physician if you have a cardiovascular condition.  

Post Sauna Recovery 

Your sauna session will leave you super relaxed and refreshed. Take it easy and let your body cool down. Have a healthy meal and don’t go off to sleep immediately -your body is still accommodating to residual heat from your sauna session. 

Enhancing Your Home Sauna Experience

Take your sauna to the next level and use aroma oils to multiply the pleasure and health benefits. Try lemon and peppermint aroma oil for an energizing and uplifting session. Refreshing lavender relaxes the senses and is often used for treating respiratory issues and nasal congestion. Simply add a few drops of essential oil into the water and pour it over the heated sauna rocks. Or just put a few drops in a ceramic container and place it in the sauna. 

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