Outdoor Sauna: Common Problems And Solutions

Posted on 19 November 2021

indoor pure cube vision saunaOutdoor saunas are a perfect way to create an outdoor living space that helps you relax and unwind after a long day at work. An outdoor pure cube sauna is the ultimate backyard addition that can transform your lifestyle and enhance personal wellness. While indoor pure cube saunas have their own appeal, imagine taking in the beauty of nature while relaxing in the luxurious warmth of your outdoor home sauna. No wonder an outdoor pure cube sauna with its spa-quality experience is high on homeowners’ priority list! If you are thinking of purchasing a backyard sauna or are already enjoying your outdoor sauna, it is prudent to be aware of potential problems. Read on for common problems associated with an outdoor sauna and ways to fix them:

Resin From Wood

The most common problem with outdoor saunas is resin secretion from wood. Saunas fabricated with spruce or pine are more affected by this problem. Due to the high sauna temperature, the wood resin melts and oozes out as a liquid. Don’t worry; the sauna interior is constructed with deciduous wood( alder or linden) that does not produce resin, so you can enjoy your sauna experience. It is the exterior wood in outdoor saunas that can have resin issues. As mentioned earlier, all woods do not have this problem. Saunas are usually constructed with fir, pine, larch, and thermowood or thermally modified wood. Pine or spruce wood is commonly used as they are the least expensive. Thermowood is the most resistant to temperature and climatic changes(though it costs more) and has no resin leakage as it is removed during the thermal modification procedure. Thus, you can solve resin problems by using thermally modified thermowood in your sauna exterior. 

Mould In Your Sauna

An issue in both outdoor and indoor saunas is that of mould formation. Moisture and warmth( 0-5 degrees celsius) are ideal conditions for mold growth. Don’t panic; you can prevent mildew by properly cleaning and drying your sauna after use. Leave the door open to let it dry completely. Prevent mould formation by oiling all external wooden parts of your outdoor pure cube sauna with linseed oil at least twice a year. Unfortunately, if mould has already set in, thoroughly clean the surface and use anti-mould agents to eliminate the problem. 

Deformation Of Wood

The deformation of wood is natural and normal. Climatic conditions, humidity and changes in temperature may cause the timber to expand or shrink. This can cause deformations, including the visible splitting of the logs or misalignment of doors. Using thermowood for the sauna exterior can solve this problem owing to its heat resistance and durability. Cedarwood is also a good option– its natural tannins make it resistant to rot and cracks. 

Say hello to good health and make beautiful year-round memories with your outdoor pure cube sauna!

Don’t let minor considerations come in the way of purchasing your beloved outdoor or indoor pure cube sauna. Just empower yourself with knowledge and solutions to these potential issues, and you’re good to go. SaunaFIn is proud to present the broadest range of saunas that can be customized to suit your taste and lifestyle! Questions? Contact the friendly team at SaunaFin for queries about purchasing a home sauna or using one. 

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