Types of Sauna Heaters

Posted on 05 October 2021

wood burning sauna heaterClose your eyes and imagine being instantly transported from a cold Canadian winter to a lush, warm, woodsy paradise. This can be your reality when you purchase a sauna with a wood-burning heater.

When building your home sauna kit, it is essential to contemplate all facets of your endeavour. The total square footage, the bench layout, and choice of lighting are all pertinent factors that contribute to your overall home sauna experience. One of the more imperative considerations will be the sauna heater type you want to install. At SaunaFin, our favourite is wood-burning sauna heaters. Please read our blog to learn about the different types of sauna heaters to help you decide.

Electric Sauna Heater

The most installed heater is the electric sauna heater. You can choose whether it is a floor or wall-mounted piece. The heaters are safe, stylish, efficient, simple to use, and offer a blissful sauna experience. Relative to other heaters, electric sauna heaters have only been on the scene since the 1950s. These heaters are popular because of their lighted controls, compact design, digital controls, etc. The price of electric sauna heaters can vary. They tend to cost more upfront and then are relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain. If you plan to use your sauna a few times in a short period, this heater will be a good fit. The variance in price depends on the control and heater options.

Gas Sauna Heater

Gas sauna heaters are most common in areas where there is restricted or no electricity available. These heaters are not often a homeowner’s first choice because they have limited availability and higher cost. Gas sauna heaters are not intended for smaller saunas. You will also require an expert to ensure venting and gas lines are correctly installed. These heaters are generally found in larger spas, hotels, and commercial saunas. In a setting where the sauna could get 12-24 hours of use in a day, this heater is the most cost-effective.

Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

A wood-burning sauna is the original Finnish type. By burning it in the stove, wood is used to heat the sauna. The correct temperature is achieved by controlling the amount of fire in the furnace. Heated rocks are usually on top, and throwing some water on them will increase humidity. Sauna purists prefer these methods to other sauna heaters because they are authentic to a genuine Finnish sauna.

Imagine a woodsy musk and the sound of a crackling fire while you relax in your wood-burning sauna. The heat from the wood is toasty-warm and oh so inviting. This type of heater works best in medium or larger saunas because the heat can be slightly more challenging to control.

Wood-burning sauna heaters are popular for cabins, outdoor saunas, and places where electricity is limited. Some come with water heaters, giving a sauna multiple uses.


It is imperative to do some research before you purchase your very own sauna. The heater is only one facet to consider, but a significant one. What will best suit your needs? If you have questions, our experts at SaunaFin are ready and excited to help you on your journey to ultimate health, wellness, and bliss.

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