What Temperature Should My Sauna Wood Stove Be?

Posted on 08 June 2022

sauna wood burning stove temperatureSitting in a sauna wood stove after a long day is one of the most relaxing things you can do to treat yourself. Installing a sauna wood-burning stove can provide many benefits when it’s set at the right temperature, allowing you tailor your sauna experience to your personal needs. You can also customize the size, style, and heater for indoor or outdoor saunas. Determining the ideal Sauna temperature for your body and your sauna goals significantly enhances your experience. Whether you're looking for a post-workout supplement, a little relaxation, or even supporting your physical and mental health, there is the right sauna temperature for you. 

Below we discuss what temperature you should be setting your sauna wood-burning stove.

Benefits of a Sauna Wood Stove

With stressors rampant in everyday life, it’s only fair that you find some time to relieve that stress or worries, reduce muscle tension, and simply relax. If you're looking for a traditional, wood-smelling sauna with minimal humidity - a sauna wood-burning stove is perfect for you. Sauna wood stoves are most commonly used as they do not require electricity. Though wood is pricey, you will save money on your electricity bill, and your sauna will work even during power outages. From the look and placement of the sauna to the accessories, your sauna experience is truly unique. Sauna wood stoves can be installed inside or outside and personalized with sauna kits. The benefits of a sauna wood-burning stove are endless.

Temperature Range For a Sauna Wood-Burning Stove

Depending on what you're using the sauna for, there is a temperature range that you should follow to ensure safety. The best temperature to set your sauna wood-burning stove is between 160-194ºF or 71-90 ºC. Sauna wood stoves take, on average, around 30-60 minutes to heat up, but you can go in before it reaches your desired temperature.

Ideal Temperature

Finding the ideal sauna temperature is key to curating the best home sauna experience. To start, it's essential to identify what goals you will be using the sauna for, as it influences what degrees to set your sauna at. If you are a beginner, the best option is to gradually increase the heat over time. The best temperature should be lower within 5 to 10 minutes in the sauna. In contrast, if you use the sauna often, a higher temperature that is still in the safe range, with a longer time of 10-15 minutes, may be better for you. 

Safety Precautions

Though it's easy to dose off and enjoy the lovely climate of your sauna, it is vital to know the safety precautions before you enter the sauna. It's crucial to watch your time spent in the sauna as overuse can be dangerous. At SaunaFin, we recommend capping your time to 15 to 20 minutes for experienced users. Many people use the sauna after working out, which is excellent for releasing muscle pain and tension. Although, keep in mind that you should wait approximately 10 minutes before going into the sauna after exercising - this can help prevent overheating or becoming dehydrated.

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