May 27, 2019

Two years ago, as part of a home reno, I purchased a sauna kit from SaunaFin and couldn’t be happier with the product and end result.

Milena was really knowledgeable and supportive in helping me select the right model.  The kit came well organized with very clear instructions.  The materials provided – planks, vapor barrier, even down to the nails – were more than enough to complete the build with some left over to make a magazine holder!

I looked around before choosing and went with SaunaFin based on price (very reasonable compared to competitors) and quality.  In particular, the quality of the cedar was by far the best – no imperfections and two years later smells exactly like the day it was built!

Two years later we are still using it 2-3x per week and absolutely love it (really cheap to operate as well).  I can honesty say this sauna has been my favorite part of the entire home reno.  

I would highly recommend SaunaFin to anyone considering a sauna.

Dave C
April 30, 2019

After a lot of looking at our options, we ordered the 6x8 outdoor cabin sauna from SaunaFin with a Tylo heater, and couldn’t be happier with the process or the result.  We asked for a custom layout (adding a window where there isn’t usually one), and they worked with us to efficiently make that happen.  We use the sauna almost every night, and comment to each other how happy we are with our decision almost every night as well.  It’s beautiful, was easy to put together, smells incredible, and couldn’t be simpler to operate.



outdoor prefab cabin sauna

March 08, 2019

“Expert advice. First quality materials and workmanship.  Excellent customer service.  Saunafin is my go to contractor for sauna restoration work and parts!”

David Blois 
Senior Property Manager  |  Wilson Blanchard Management Inc.
The Broadway One (TSCC 1587) & The Broadway Two (TSCC 1603) Condominiums

David Blois
February 04, 2019

Happy Monday Mike. Thanks kindly. Had my first sauna yesterday. Looks great and feels great. A warm thanks to Vlad and his attention to detail. Wonderful job.  I have what I need in the beautiful sauna your company has provided. I’ll take the $125 credit via cheque. Once again thanks kindly for a smooth fantastic job.  

Warmly Steven Milincevich. 


Thank you for paying so promptly.  It is a pleasure dealing with customers such as yourself.
Vlad confirmed my impression.  Your framing was exceptionally well done. As a result he was able to complete in one day.  He did not have to go to hotel as I had budgeted.
I would like to credit you the $125.00 I allowed.
We can give this to you by cheque or we can send you a package of popular sauna accessories.  Let me know

Thank you
Mike Wynn

Steven Milicevich
January 11, 2019

World’s Best Sauna

I must tell you we love the sauna. I have been in construction for 35 years. Your material were top of the line. The carpentry was perfect. I did not need to cut anything. The heater works great. 
Thank you,

outdoor POD saunaoutdoor POD sauna

David Shaw
January 03, 2019

Greetings from Youngstown. Just wanted to thank you all for the awesome sauna . The install went very smoothly, as the cedar was top notch and the instructions were pretty good. Tracy and I are extremely pleased and wanted to share a couple photos, which hopefully you’ll find attached.

home sauna with wood burning sauna heaterhome sauna

Eric Bloom
December 15, 2018

When I was looking to build a sauna at the weekend house about a year ago, I did some extensive research. Thanks to a clean and straight forward website, simplicity of selection (I can’t brag that I built many saunas in my life), flexibility of sauna layouts and, of course, the price, Saunafin was a clear winner. Ordering was easy and quick, thanks to helpful sales ladies; delivery was exactly as promised and everything arrived in perfect shape, not a single item missing or ill-fitting. Cedar planks are of high quality and look great. My advice is to get the optional cedar floor; it makes a huge difference once you’re inside.

If anyone would ask what I would do differently having used the sauna for a year, I would firmly say – nothing. I strongly recommend a Tylo heater upgrade. The 7x5 feet sauna is above 180F in 20 minutes and by the time the heater shuts off completely (it gradually reduces the heat as the temperature rises) the thermometer is pointing at 230F. Nothing short of amazing.

About nine months into the sauna use the pure control panel began acting up. Everything was working but the lights were off. After over the phone troubleshooting and exchanging pictures with Mike Wynn of Saunafin, Tylo stated that the wiring was wrong causing a fault in the panel.  On his own accord Mike sent me the switch and the panel (it’s a $800 part!). Upon replacing the panel everything is back to norm.

A great quality product made by friendly people in Canada and supported by exceptional service!

Best regards,


home sauna with cedar floor and tylo sauna heater   home sauna with cedar floor and tylo sauna heater    home sauna with cedar floor and tylo sauna heater


Vladimir Kaplan
December 03, 2018

Hi Mike,  

Here are pictures of our roof top sauna.

We are enjoying it very much.

outdoor prefab cabin saunaoutdoor prefab cabin sauna

Karen Lee

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