How To Install A Dundalk Leisure Craft Barrel Sauna

Posted on 07 May 2021

dundalk leisure craft barrel saunaAfter buying a barrel sauna from Dundalk Leisure Craft, it is time to install it in your home or cottage backyard. We design Dundalk Leisure Craft saunas so you can install them with little to no DIY experience. That is why we created this helpful guide to help both new and experienced DIYers install their new Dundalk Leisure Craft barrel sauna.

Tools You Will Need

Before you begin installing your Dundalk Leisure Craft barrel sauna, make sure you have all the tools you need for the process. You will need a Philips Head screwdriver, three-quarter-inch wrench, hammer, rubber mallet, power drill, level, and tape measure. Most homeowners should have these supplies already.

Step 1: Placement

You will want to make sure to place your Dundalk Leisure Craft barrel sauna such that it is level with a slight slope backwards for drainage. The first step is to lay out the cradles and then lay the first bottom stave in their centre. On the end of your sauna that will have the porch, you will need to leave 26 inches from the end of the stave to the cradle. The other end of the sauna will only need five inches. Secure these pieces together with 2 1/2 inch screws.

Step 2: Install Walls, Staves and Panels

Use the left and right staves to start laying down the base of the sauna. Next, install the back wall into the dado grooves by using the rubber mallet. Once the back wall is in place, you will need to repeat the process with the front wall, including the door panel. Next, install the top stave to provide the sauna with additional stabilization.

With the top stave in place, you are ready to install the sauna walls. Start by installing the half-moon sidewalls on the front and back of the sauna. You can then install additional wall staves to complete the traditional barrel sauna structure. Use the rubber mallet to tap the wall staves into place. Try installing a few staves at a time and alternating sides to ensure the placement is correct.

When you get to the top of the sauna, you may notice the final piece does not seem to fit. The displacement is perfectly normal for Dundalk Leisure Craft saunas and is the main reason for the steel bands.

Step 3: Assemble Steel Bands

To secure your Dundalk Leisure Craft barrel sauna, start by assembling your steel bands. Once completed, you will place the steel bands over the front and back end of the barrel sauna. To install the middle two bands, simply throw one end of the band over the sauna and wrapping around to secure it underneath the sauna. Using a cordless drill, tighten the steel bands and ensure the placement of the wall staves. Make the bands as tight as possible; they cannot be overtightened!

Step 4: Install Benches

To install your sauna benches, you will first need to install your Dundalk Leisure Craft sauna floor using the level. Next, bring the benches inside the sauna and attach them directly to the wall mounts using screws. Finally, to secure the benches, screw in the bench supports and secure them to the floor.

Step 5: Install Porch Seat

To finish up seating installation in your Dundalk Leisure Craft barrel sauna, centre the porch floor underneath the door. Start by screwing the legs into the porch seats and then securing them to the front wall of the sauna.

Step 6: Install Electric Heater

To install your electric heater, make sure to follow the instructions included for your specific heater model. In general, you will securely attach the electric heater to the back wall of the sauna. Make sure you rinse the sauna water with water before placing them in the heater. Before your first sauna session, operate the heater for at least one hour with the door fully open to ensure it operates correctly. Finally, install your heater guard to prevent any bathers from accidentally touching or disrupting the heater.

Dundalk Leisure Craft Saunas make a stunning addition to any home or cottage backyard. By following the steps in this guide and the instructions included in your sauna kit, you can install your brand-new Dundalk Leisure Craft barrel sauna in as little as one day. To get started designing a custom sauna, call 905-738-4017 to talk to a member of the SaunaFin team.

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