The Sauna’s Impact on Happiness Ask anyone if they want to hop in the home sauna, and you’ll watch their face soften then light up. There’s a good reason for that knee-jerk happiness – your body and soul loves the heat. Saunas have been cherished for centuries, not just for their relaxing warmth but also for their potential to boost your mental well-being. Submitting to...

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How Saunas Can Fight Depression

Posted on 10 July 2024

Summer might be sunshine and smiles, so you’d be wrong to expect depression and anxiety to trade their winter coats for stylish sunglasses. Changes in the seasons can trigger seasonal depression, which is no longer regarded as just a winter phenomenon and can impact people in the summer. When the mercury is sizzling, the thought of stepping into a sauna may seem overkill. However, while the...

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With the pace of today’s turbo-charged world, stress is now as ubiquitous as air but far less refreshing. Roughly 3 in 5 Americans say they have felt stressed to the point where they couldn’t deal with things at least once in the past year. It’s a quiet epidemic that impacts people of all ages. Our bodies react to stress by releasing cortisol, a hormone that, while useful in...

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How Can Saunas Help Build Muscle

Posted on 03 July 2024

Pushing weights and sauna sessions are the ultimate power couple because after feeling the burn in the gym, the sauna’s heat is the ultimate post-workout companion. Saunas enhance your recovery and hormonal balance while strengthening your immune system. These benefits forge the optimal environment for your muscle development to thrive so you can train consistently. Regularly embracing the...

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How Will Sauna Help with My Running?

Posted on 24 June 2024

Every runner has a secret weapon. Some swear by carb-loading, others by playlists and stretches, and others have discovered the profound impact of sauna sessions. Whether you’re a weekend warrior tackling 5Ks, seek PBs in marathons, or occasionally jog to earn an extra slice of pizza, every runner crafts their journey with perseverance and the occasional bit of unsolicited advice from fellow...

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Your sauna is a flexibility hotspot that allows you to create the type of body that is good at bending without breaking. Saunas, widely recognized as one of the best ways to relax tired muscles, rival having an at-home trainer thanks to their ability to enhance your flexibility. This is because regular sauna sessions can help improve muscle elasticity and overall range of motion. It’s one of...

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Will Sauna Help Me Burn Fat?

Posted on 25 April 2024

In the buffet of life, where the menu sometimes includes a side of unwanted pounds, many are calling for the check, with a whopping 45% of us trying to lose weight. It’s not just about squeezing into those "someday-jeans.” Weight loss can help you feel more confident, energetic, and healthy. Is a sauna up to the task? Sure, you’ll leave every sauna a little lighter, but...

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As spring marches in, so does the chorus of sneezes and sniffles for anyone who sufferers seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. The itchy eyes alone are enough to make anyone reach for the antihistamines and hay fever meds. However, antihistamines can leave you feeling drowsy, increase your appetite, and cause headaches. In the long term, antihistamines can even increase your risk of certain...

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