Why Pair Outdoor Sauna with Cold Plunge

Posted on 17 October 2023

Whether you’re unwinding in a luxurious cabin sauna or relaxing in a cozy barrel sauna, there’s no denying the incredible benefits of a steamy sauna session. The gentle warmth and soothing ambiance is a stress-buster with potent health advantages. But did you know you can supercharge those benefits and upscale your sauna experience to a whole new level? Try pairing your sauna routine...

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Saunas are not just about sweat and warmth; they’re a rejuvenating escape from the daily grind with wellness benefits like improved circulation, pain relief, detoxification, and more. With a home sauna, you can enjoy these sublime benefits anytime you desire. If you’ve decided to bring home an indoor sauna’s warmth and comfort, choose a custom sauna kit or an easy-to-install...

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Why You Should Vent Your Home Sauna

Posted on 07 October 2023

Saunas are a simple addition that brings relaxation and comfort to homes. When you order a custom sauna kit, you and your installation team can completely personalize your home sauna, transforming any room into a full-functional sauna or steam room. One component that needs to be considered during installation is a sauna vent. Ventilation is a small element that plays a significant role in the...

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What Can You Customize In Your Cedar Sauna

Posted on 30 September 2023

The ability to customize is a dream come true. Especially when it comes to more significant investments like a cedar sauna, you must get the best use out of it. Everyone has different needs for a sauna, like relieving muscle tension or simply having a space to relax and not worry about the outside world. As SaunaFiin, our customers have complete control of what they want their sauna to look like....

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Add Value to Your Home by Installing a Sauna

Posted on 28 September 2023

When it comes to home improvements, many homeowners find themselves hesitating, especially if they have future plans of moving. The fear of investing in upgrades that won't pay off when it's time to sell can interfere with the ability to enjoy luxurious and beneficial additions you deserve like a home sauna. A sauna from SaunaFin, be it a sauna kit, cabin sauna, or barrel sauna is one...

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The Basics of Sauna Kit Assembly

Posted on 25 September 2023

A home sauna is a great way to elevate relaxation and comfort without having to leave your property. With sauna kits, building your own custom escape is easier than ever. In recent years, as people increase focus on wellness and comfort at home, high-quality cedar sauna kits have gained popularity throughout Canada and North America as an effective and convenient way to bring the benefits of sauna...

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Outdoor saunas offer a world of options and possibilities. When searching for a saunas in Chicago or elsewhere across North America, SaunaFin provides a diverse range of outdoor choices. Of these many outdoor saunas, customization is the key to tailoring your sauna experience to your unique preferences and needs. Before you pick your perfect outdoor sauna in Chicago, explore your many options that...

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How to Choose Between Cedar & Hemlock Saunas

Posted on 11 September 2023

When it comes to setting up your own home sauna, you'll encounter various decisions to make, from the type of sauna kits to the sauna heaters. One of the crucial choices you'll face is selecting the wood for your sauna, with cedar and hemlock being popular options. At SaunaFin, we offer our customers a wide range of customization options, including our timber options. When you shop sauna...

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