Why Start the Year with a Home Sauna?

Posted in Home saunas, on December 07, 2022

The new year is approaching, and with that comes a list of resolutions to improve yourself. One of the best ways to help navigate your self-care journey is by starting the year with your very own home sauna. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, aid in muscle recovery, relax, or improve your

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Outdoor Barrel Sauna Maintenance Tips

Posted in Outdoor Saunas, on December 05, 2022

Barrel saunas are the perfect outdoor saunas—simple yet effective, practical yet stunning! Their barrel-shaped design provides natural insulation with quick heating and retention. Ideal for your mountain cottage, backyard, or pool. Barrel saunas from SaunaFin provide decades of relaxing

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Planning On Moving? Prefab Saunas Are Right for You

Posted in Home saunas, on November 29, 2022

With the chill of the winter season setting in, a steamy sauna session in the comforting environs of your home can be a heavenly experience! Prefab saunas are the best option if you’re planning on moving in the future but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of a home sauna. Since

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Why a Barrel Sauna is Perfect for Canadian Winter

Posted in Home saunas, on November 21, 2022

Canadian winters are something of a dichotomy. While some Canadians love winter, others dread this time of year. Whether you love or hate the winter season, a great way to elevate your mood is with barrel saunas from SaunaFin. Canadian winters mean less sunlight and sub-freezing temperatures.

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How Saunas in Toronto Factor Into Your Self Care

Posted in Home saunas, on November 10, 2022

The post-pandemic world has left many of us struggling to maintain physical and mental well-being. Home saunas in Toronto are gaining ground as a beneficial ingredient for self-care and wellness regimens. Incorporating sauna use into your everyday routine can assist with caring for yourself and

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Pros and Cons of In-Home Saunas

Posted in Home saunas, on November 09, 2022

When you get the chance to design, purchase, or build your own home sauna, there are many opportunities to incorporate customizations from start to finish. Between light shades, backrests, and LED lighting, every detail of your sauna can be personalized to your preferences and within your budget. If

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Guide to Different Types of Sauna Heaters

Posted in Sauna heaters, on October 31, 2022

As the colder weather approaches, having a warm and calming retreat you can call your own makes the cold weather much more bearable. With high-quality heaters from SaunaFin, you can officially have a place to warm up on freezing cold days. When purchasing a home sauna, there are many factors to

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