Top 9 Dry Sauna Benefits

Posted in Health benefits of sauna, on November 26, 2018

Have you considered dry sauna benefits to support your health? Generally speaking, saunas are small, well-sealed rooms that offer exceptionally high degrees of heat and have been shown to be health promoting. The heat is typically administered through a wood stove, electric heater or an infrared

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The Difference Between a Pre-Fab Sauna and a DIY Sauna Kit

Posted in Sauna kits, on September 28, 2018

Sauna use offers numerous health benefits. Have you been considering purchasing a sauna that is easy to assemble? It’s important to know the difference between a Pre-Fab sauna and a DIY sauna kit. Despite the differences, it’s easy to get confused between the two. These products each

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Types of Outdoor Saunas: Barrel, Pod, and Cabin

Posted in Outdoor Saunas, on September 25, 2018

Have you considered an outdoor sauna for your home and wonder which type of outdoor sauna might best suit your needs? Now is a great time to make your dream of owning a sauna a reality! Outdoor saunas are not only luxurious and relaxing; they also offer numerous health benefits. Having an outdoor

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Steam Sauna vs. Steam Shower: Health Benefits

Posted in Sauna FAQs, on August 21, 2018

Many of us wonder if a steam sauna also known as a traditional sauna or a steam shower will help us relax after a long day. While a steam sauna or steam shower both have numerous health benefits, each are created differently. The heat produced varies between the two and the amount of humidity

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How To Choose the Best Electric Sauna Heater On the Market

Posted in Home saunas, on April 20, 2018

If you’re a genuine sauna lover, and looking for a hardworking, long lasting electric sauna heater, Saunafin offers a full range of makes and models. Choosing the right electric sauna heater is a little more involved – but understanding the benefits of each model will help in deciding.

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Differences: Sauna vs. Steam Room

Posted in Sauna FAQs, on April 09, 2018

The relaxation debate seems to come down to sauna vs. steam room. We all want a place to unwind after a long day and the sauna vs. steam room conundrum seems to stump many of us. What are the differences between the two? What are the health benefits of each? Can I put both in my house? These are

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