Pros and Cons of In-Home Saunas

Posted on 09 November 2022

When you get the chance to design, purchase, or build your own home sauna, there are many opportunities to incorporate customizations from start to finish. Between light shades, backrests, and LED lighting, every detail of your sauna can be personalized to your preferences and within your budget. If you want to create a personal spa retreat in your home, home saunas in Toronto are the perfect way...

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Guide to Different Types of Sauna Heaters

Posted on 31 October 2022

As the colder weather approaches, having a warm and calming retreat you can call your own makes the cold weather much more bearable. With high-quality heaters from SaunaFin, you can officially have a place to warm up on freezing cold days. When purchasing a home sauna, there are many factors to consider before making the purchase. From backrests to light shades, many accessories can amplify your...

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Illuminating your home sauna can make all the difference in your sauna experience. With various lighting options, colours, and designs for your barrel sauna in Canada, you can curate the lighting and mood exactly how you want. Warm and inviting lighting can create the perfect ambience to elevate your spirits. Choose from simple marine and optical lights, LED lighting strips, and more!  ...

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How Saunas Help With Menstrual Cramps

Posted on 23 October 2022

Menstruation and menstrual cramps are unpleasant facts of life for most post-pubescent women. Around 80% of women experience painful periods or dysmenorrhea which cause a great deal of soreness and discomfort in the form of cramping and shooting pain. Saunas are well known for their health, relaxation, and beauty benefits, and many women have found saunas in Toronto aid in alleviating period...

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Do You Need to Ventilate Your Home Sauna?

Posted on 13 October 2022

As the weather starts to turn in Canada, more and more people are considering installing a home sauna. Imagine having a warm oasis where you can unwind all year round, especially during a harsh winter or after a busy work day. The Luna Sauna from SaunaFin might be the right fit if you’re looking for a sleek design and ample room for relaxation.  It’s not hard to fall in...

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Do You Need a Hygrometer for Your Sauna?

Posted on 06 October 2022

Nothing’s better than soaking up incredible heat and steam from your home sauna. Disconnecting from the outside world for some me-time in your personal sauna retreat sounds like the epitome of luxury. While you unwind and let go of tight muscles and tension, the soothing steam can ease your mind to unlock tremendous health benefits. In addition, using a hygrometer to measure the...

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A Guide to Cleaning Your Sauna

Posted on 04 October 2022

If you have the advantage of having your own home sauna, it’s essential to take care of it to maximize longevity and utility. A clean sauna promotes good air quality and ensures a healthy environment for your barrel sauna. Without adequate ventilation, bacteria, germs, or mold can grow and multiply quickly, preventing safe sauna usage. Thankfully, cleaning and maintaining saunas in Toronto...

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Before purchasing a sauna, there are a few things that you should consider prior to making the big decision. Sauna kits in Canada are quick and easy to install, and they have many additional features to make your new sauna your sanctuary. At SaunaFin, we offer various saunas and accessories, including different sizes, essential oils, heaters, and miscellaneous items. After many years in the sauna...

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